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Other Names: Bolivian Jew/Turtle Vine

Scientific Name: Callisia Repens

Family: Commelinaceae

Genus: Callisia

Native: Tropical and sub-tropical parts of North,South & Central America.


Callisia are a species of creeping perennial that grows quickly forming creeping mats if left to spread laterally, or drooping vines if hung from a basket. Its leaves are tiny and smaller towards the tip of the shoot with leaf blades that are oval to lanceolate. It grows quickly outward as a rosette, multiplies easily and offers pretty white blooms all year round if exposed to direct light. Brighter light for this otherwise shade-tolerant plant, will make its foliage blush pink and reddish! This plant grows rapidly and may need to be contained/bounded. Treat it as a succulent and water sparingly. A very low maintenance plant. Callisia has different types and this one is SILVERY/LT. GREEN in color.


*Highly rated as an airpurifier when placed indoors.

**Sold in 0.7 liter/4" standing or 1 liter/6.9" hanging plastic containers

***All our plants are grown in organically enriched living soil without the use of any chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides.

Callisia/Creeping Inch Plant Silver

  • GROWING: Re-pot in a larger container to increase root and foliage growth. Grow in a container/hanging basket or bounded outdoor space as this plant is quite demanding of soil/water resources and will grow rapidly. Trim off old, drying leaves from time to time and add this as shredded foliage around your plant to increase humus and soil health.

    LIGHT: If growing indoors, place in a bright spot with exposure to indirect sunlight for at least six hours daily. If growing outdoors, place in full sun or semi-shade.

    WATERING: Twice or thrice a week. Allow soil to dry out completely between watering events. Never let its roots sit in stagnant water. If growing indoors, ensure that drip trays are emptied regularly.

    FERTILIZING: Our plants are sold in organically enriched, NPK+MagSulf strong, potting mixes that would need no additional soil amendments for at least one year. If re-potting/migrating to a larger container, we recommend the use of Mandy's Farm Foliage Plant Potting Mix or one similar to it.

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