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Local Names: Katuk/Star Gooseberry/Thavasi Keerai/Madhura Cheera

Botanical Name: Sauropus Androgynus

Family: Phyllanthaceae

Native: Tropical parts of Asia


A common Asian plant, it is grown as a vegetable and for its medicinal value.  Its multiple upright stems can reach 2.5 meters high and bear dark green, oval leaves 5–6 cm long with attractive serrated edges. It is one of the most popular leafy vegetables in South Asia and Southeast Asia and is notable for high yields and palatability. Shoot tips are particularly tasty and are often called "tropical asparagus". Its flowers and small purplish fruits are also edible.  A great plant to add to your garden as it performs as a medicinal, and edible and as an ornamental. Grows well in rich loamy soil and in full sun. Container friendly. Pest resistant.


*Can be grown alongside other plants but a separate container is recommended.

***All our plants are organically grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides.

Sweet Leaf/Multivitamin Plant

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