Other Names: Maranthas/Prayer Plants

Scientific Name: Geoppertia (Zingiberales)

Family‎: ‎Marantaceae
Genus‎: ‎Calathea
Native: Tropical Americas


With leaves that look like they've been painted on - and each calathea type is unique and visually very different from the other - these plants have very rapidly become one of the most coveted houseplants worldwide. It is very difficult indeed to resist these decorative leaves! If stunning foliage is what you are looking for - look no further! In some species, calatheas will also give out colorful inflorescences. When found in the wild, their hardy, tough leaves have been used for carrying food or craft containers. These are shade-tolerant plants and require a well draining soil mix. Calatheas come in different types. This species is a MID SIZE Calathea with vivid dark markings on light green, serrated leaves, and is called "Lancifolia".


*Highly rated as an airpurifier when placed indoors.

**Sold in a small standing one liter/4.7" plastic container or a large five liter/