Botanical Name: Zingiber Oficinale

Family: Zingiberaceae

Native: South East Asia


An elegant spear shaped shrub with lateral spikyleaves across each stem. Well suited to Mumbai's conditions. Container friendly. Hardy and pest resistant. Grows well in full sun and wind sheltered. If growing indoors, ensure at least eight hours of direct sunlight (preferably in a balcony)and plant in a broad and deep pot to allow space for its rhizomes and sucker plants to develop. Will start producing harvestable roots within eight to ten months. Has medicinal properties and also works well as an ornamental. To know more, please visit


*Can be grown alongside other plants.

**Sold in a small plastic container for transplantation to a bigger container/in-ground for better growth.

*** All our plants are grown organically without the use of any chemical fertlizers, fungicides or pesticides.



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