Other Name: Wild Marjoram

Botanical Name: Origanum Vulgare

Family: Laminaceae

Native: Mediterranean & Eurasia


Related to Oregano, this perennial herb bears small, spade-shaped, olive-green, aromatic leaves and white flowers.  Its aromatic leaves can grow into a short bush in the right conditions. Not very well suited to Mumbai's conditions as it prefers a less humid and temperate climate. If care is taken, it can grow well in full sun and very well drained soil to prevent root rot. Container friendly. Pest resistant. Will start producing harvestable leaves immediately and throughout its life. A great asset to have on hand for Continental cuisine.


*Can be grown alongside other plants but a separate pot is recommended.

**Sold in a small plastic container for transplantation to a bigger container/in-ground for better growth.

***All our plants are organically grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides.



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