Other Names: Spiderwort/Widow's Tears/Wandering Jew

Scientific Name: Tradescentia Pallida/Setcreasea

Family: Commelinaceae

Genus: Tradescentia

Native: Gulf Coast of East Mexico


Tradescentia are a species of spiderwort, an evergreen perennial distinguished by elongated, pointed leaves. When in bloom it bears small, sterile three-petaled white flowers. Foliage grows outward as a rosette and spreads across soil, making these plants excellent for ground cover. They can also be grown in hanging planters. They grow rapidly and may need to be contained/bounded. A very low maintenance plant. There are many types of Tradescentia. This one bears small green leaves and is called 'Green Hill',


*Highly rated as an airpurifier when placed indoors.

**Sold in 0.7 liter/4" standing or 1 liter/6.9"hanging plastic containers

***All our plants are grown in organically enriched living soil without the use of any chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides.

Tradescentia/Green Hill