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About Us

Or, How We Grew, Organically!

Mandy's Farm began in 2012  as an actual experimental farm on a 2000 sq. foot Mumbai city terrace. As it grew, the mumbaifarmer.com website was created to document learnings, and an eponymous facebook group founded to support other urban farmers. In 2015, appalled at the rampant use of chemical fertilizers, Mandy began developing India's first complete range of natural earth products - soil amendments and potting mixes that were lab-tested, pH regulated and field-researched. It's been a story of solid, organic growth till date, and here's what has made the team at Mandy's Farm most proud:

  • Pioneering Wood-Ash, Limestone, Rock Phosphate, Terrarium Kits and Ready-to-Use Organic Potting Mixes in India

  • Pioneering Epsom Salts, Cow-Manure, Goat Manure and Bio-Char on online platforms in India

  • Serving 30,000+ customers and delivering 1,00,000+ orders till date

  • Achieving superior ratings for products, delivery and customer service

  • Introducing Organic Farming Workshops across Mumbai in 2016

  • Growing a 4,500 strong Community of Urban Farmers

  • Launching professional Consultancy Services in 2018 based in organic and  sustainable practices

  • And, importantly - remaining committed to an earth-friendly philosophy, authentic with products, and honest with customers!


Consultation & Farm Design

Customized Consultations and Farm Design for Organic Microgreen Units, Edible Gardens, Urban Farms, Fruit Orchards and Agricultural Plots. Water & Energy Audits, Financial Analyses & Business Plans for Sustainable Agricultural Projects.

Water Harvesting

Rainwater Mapping, Design & Project Management. Greywater Plans & Project Management. Borewell Recharge Systems. Integrated Water Management Design for Sustainable Farming Projects.

Training & Workshops

One-on-One Training for Plot Owners/Project Managers as well as Group Workshops in Permaculture, Organic Farming, Urban Farms, Edible Gardens, Microgreen Cultivation & Orchard/Agri Plot Management.


Procurement of Sustainable Eco-Tech for Crop Enhancement, Crop Protection with Bee-Keeping, Green Waste Management, Composting, Soil Regeneration, Water Harvesting, Integrated Farming & Energy Conservation.

Project Maintenance

Technical & Managerial Assistance for Permaculture Plots, Organic Farming, Urban Farms, Edible Gardens, Microgreen Cultivation Projects, Orchards & Agri Plots.

Lab Testing

Laboratory & Field Testing of Soil and Water


FAQs on Organic Farming

Why Seasonal Farming?

Taking Mumbai as an example, while its tropical climate allows year-round veggie production, there are variations in temperature, humidity and rainfall. And so, summers are good for fruit veggies but difficult for root veggies that thrive only in winter. Similarly, leaf veggies will grow year-round but get bitter in taste as temperatures climb in peak summer. Farming is heavily context-dependent and it helps to partner with Nature and the seasons to get results.

Why Native Species?

Nature offers bountiful varieties of plant species, all of which are critical for biodiversity. Many varieties of flora are dying because “convenience cooking” tends to favor only a few standard veggies. Also, by uncritically following foreign trends in food choices, we impose unrealistic demands on farmers to grow beyond climatic supports, thus inviting pests, and then the inorganic pesticides to control them. Local species have survived in our region for centuries, because of which they are hardier. Thus they need no pesticidal intervention and so, leave behind no chemical debris.

Why Non-GMO Seeds?

Seeds come in various types. Our company does not use GMO seeds as they are inorganically produced and leverage seed rights away from farmers and universal ownership, into the hands of corporations. We use only organic or non-genetically modified hybrid seeds and advocate free seed sharing in communities.

Why Crop Rotation, Mixed Cultivation, Permaculture & Companion Planting?

Crop Rotation works very well on ground zero but can also be pulled off in containers. It is the system of alternating crop types so that nature can replenish itself and give off its best. Thus, typically, crop rotation schedules will allow for a First Crop of Fruiting Vegetables, followed by a Second Crop of Leafing Vegetables, followed by a Third Crop of Rooting Vegetables followed by a Planting Break.
Preferable to Crop Rotation is Mixed Cultivation in which vegetation, as in nature, is interspersed and abundant within space. A variety of plants enables productive microbial growth in the soil and confuses pests as they cannot zero in on monoculture/easily identifiable vegetation patterns.
Permaculture takes Mixed Cultivation to the next level by advocating a closer alliance with nature. Thus, in permaculture farms, cultivation is randomized to follow natural patterns, the soil remains untilled to encourage humus and fertility, the larger ecosystem of insect life, bird life, animal life and even waterways and a far greater variety of vegetation is encouraged. Finally, only the bare crop is harvested, giving back as much as possible to nature in the form of composted and naturally decaying plant waste.
All these techniques can be synced with Companion Planting, which advocates the use of pest repellent/synchronous species that guide the plant ecosystem toward greater productivity.

Why Water Harvesting?

Before we plant plants, we need to plant water. This is a fundamental truth for  permaculturists and organic farmers, who are acutely aware of dwindling groundwater reserves, erratic rainfall and unstable civic supplies. Water is the first condition of any farming venture. Its conservation and replenishment are strategic challenges that need to be addressed much before crops are sown. And there is much a farmer CAN do, with the right advice and tools, to grow self-reliance in this critical resource for the long-term sustainability of the farm.


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