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Organic Earth Products & Plant Nursery


Consults and Installations of Edible Gardens, Urban Farms, Herb Gardens, Food Forests, Healthy Green Interiors, CHS/Corporate Green Makeovers, Streetside Greenscapes & Permaculture Farms.


Earth-Friendly Growing Media

Good Earth - the very reason we exist! Mandy's Farm is India's first, and remains the most trusted brand name for organic and natural soil amendments and ready-to-use potting mixes. All your old favorites, and then some more, at our Nursery...

Plant Store

Nursery of Organic Plants

Our nursery stocks 100% organically grown plants. From stunning ready-to-show indoor plants to ready-to-grow farm plants that will grow food for you, from windowsill herbs to ancient medicinal plants, and yes, succulents, terrariums and kokedamas too...


Customized Workshops for Groups

Corporate teams needing a stress-busting, green experience, proud houseplant parents seeking advice, communities wanting to grow their own food, farming groups switching over to organic farming, or schools going green with their syllabus, you're at the right place...

Urban Balcony

Micro Spaces in Mega Cities - Go Green Now!

Even in limited space, and yes, even with little sunshine, we can still help you grow! From Edible Balcony Gardens to Terraced Urban Farms, Healthy Green Interiors to Organic Landscapes, Herb Gardens, CHS Green Makeovers and Streetscapes (all organic. of course!), this and more on offer...

Green Buildings

Hotels, Malls, Offices, Residential Blocks - Time's Really Up!

Our planet is on the edge of environmental collapse. Enough said. It's time to do our part. If you have unused commercial space - use it to grow food or green it - organically. Our solutions are earth-friendly. Choose to offset your carbon footprint and get good karma by greening some today...

Green Orchard

Organic Farming, Permaculture,  Water Harvesting - Doing it Right!

We offer Pre-Project Vetting, Trouble Shooting and Transformational Consults for farm, orchard and eco-stay clients wishing to grow organically. We cover soil quality, light conditions topography, seasonality, crop compatibility, soil regeneration, in-house nurseries, water harvesting and eco-tech...

Our Story...Or, How We Grew, Organically

Mandy's Farm began in 2012 as an actual experimental farm on a 2000 sq. foot Mumbai city terrace. As it grew through the seasons and years, was created to document learnings, and an eponymous facebook group founded to encourage other urban farmers. In 2015, appalled at the rampant use of chemical fertilizers, Mandy sourced and developed India's first complete range of natural earth products - soil amendments and potting mixes that were lab-tested, pH regulated and field-researched. Since then, it's been a story of solid, organic growth. Here's what has made us most proud:

  • Pioneering the sale of Natural Odorless Aged Cow Manure in online markets in India

  • Introducing India to Epsom Salts, Wood-Ash, Goat Manure, Rock Phosphate and Bio-Char - in retail and online markets

  • Inventing and marketing Ready-to-Use Potting Mixes and Terrarium Kits

  • Serving 30,000+ customers and delivering 1,00,000+ orders across India till date

  • Achieving superior ratings for products, delivery and customer service
  • Conducting organic farming workshops across Mumbai in 2016
  • Launching consultancy services in 2018 for clients committed to organic and sustainable practices

  • Starting our own nursery in 2020 - with edibles, herbs, spice, medicinal and ornamental plants (organically grown, of course!)
  • Mentoring our ever-growing 5,000+ strong community of green growers in Mumbai
  • And importantly, remaining committed to an earth-friendly philosophy, authentic with products, and honest with customers!
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