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Scientific Name: Canna

Family: Cannaceae

Genus: Canna

Native: Tropics


These are large tropical and subtropical herbaceous perennials with a rhizomatous rootstock and spectacular foliage and flowers. Leaves are typically solid green, but some cultivars have glaucose, brownish, maroon or even variegated leaves. The flowers are asymmetric and hidden under extravagant stamens that are typically red, orange, or yellow, or combinations thereof. Loved by pollinators, and a common sight in Mumbai public gardens, an interesting fact about Callas is that they are related to the ginger family and count amongst its cousins the common ginger, galangal, arrowroot and heliconia. At maturity these plants can grow upto three meters in height. The variety in stock has variegated brownish gold green striped foliage and is called 'Tropicana'.


*All our plants are organically grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides.

**This rate is for a standard 1 liter potted lily bulb only - not the full plant. For larger sizes/plants please visit the plant nursery by Mandy's Farm

Canna Lily Potted Bulb

  • GROWING: Re-pot in a larger container or grow in-ground to increase root and foliage growth. Grow separately as this plant is quite demanding of soil/water resources. Trim off old, drying leaves from time to time and add this as shredded foliage around your plant to increase humus and soil health.

    LIGHT: If growing indoors, place in a bright spot with exposure to bright ambient light for at least six hours daily. If growing outdoors, place in full shade or semi-shade as exposure to strong direct sunlight will burn the leaves of this plant.

    WATERING: Daily, throughout the year. Do not allow soil to dry out completely between watering events. If growing indoors, ensure that drip trays are emptied regularly.

    FERTILIZING: Our plants are sold in organically enriched, NPK+MagSulf strong, potting mixes that would need no additional soil amendments for at least one year. If re-potting/migrating to a larger container, we recommend the use of Mandy's Farm Foliage Plant Potting Mix or one similar to it.

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