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Other Names: Spear Orchid/Skyline Spear

Scientific Name: Dracaena Sansevieria Angolensis

Family: Asparagaceae

Native: Tropical parts of West Africa


This sculptural table top plant is also one of the easiest plants to grow. An evergreen perennial, it grows in slender cylindrical formations, quickly giving out side shoots around it. Because of the flexibility of its long stems, this plant gives itself to braiding quite easily (as seen in pic 3 above).  It's a mid-height growing Sansevieria, has lateral patterns on its dark green stems and is called "Fernwood Mikado".


*Highly rated as an airpurifier when placed indoors.

***All our plants are grown in organically enriched living soil without the use of any chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides.

Sansevieria Fernwood Mikado