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Other Names: Weeping Fig/Weeping Benjamin

Scientific Name: Ficus Benjamina

Family: Moraceae

Native: Asia & Australia


A hotel lobby staple, and for very good reason, this plant will grow into a beautiful tree even in artificial lighting. Its waxy leaves reflect light, and its gracefully drooping branches cut a balanced silhouette, making the tree almost an object of art! Add to that the fact that it is an anti-pollutant and can remove indoor toxins, and you know this is a keeper! The plant is also very adaptable for shaping/pruning and is well suited for bonsai.


*Highly rated as an airpurifier when placed indoors.

**Sold in 1 liter/4.7" standing (2 ft. tall app.)and in 5 liter/7.9" plastic containers (4 ft. tall app.)

***All our plants are organically grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides.