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Other Names: Blood Lily/Fireball Lily/Blood Flower/Katherine Wheel/Ox Tongue Lily/Poison Root/Powder Puff Lily

Scientific Name: Scadoxus Multiflorus

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Genus: Scadoxus

Native: Sub Saharan Africa


Grown as an ornamental plant for its brilliantly coloured flowers, this lily is suitable for growing either in containers or in the ground. It grows from a rhizomatous bulb that produces a set of tightly wrapped leaves that appears as a stem (pseudostem or false stem). Flowers are produced in an umbel at the top of a leafless stem (scape) that can be as long as 30 inches. The umbel of flowers is more-or-less globe shaped, and blood red in hue, giving this plant good reason for its list of colorful names.


**All our plants are organically grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides.

**This rate is for a standard 1 liter potted lily bulb only - not the full plant. For larger sizes/plants please visit the plant nursery by Mandy's Farm

Football Lily Potted Bulb

  • GROWING: Re-pot in a larger container or grow in-ground to increase root and foliage growth. Grow separately as this plant is quite demanding of soil/water resources. Trim off old, drying leaves from time to time and add this as shredded foliage around your plant to increase humus and soil health.

    LIGHT: If growing indoors, place in a bright spot with exposure to bright ambient light for at least six hours daily. If growing outdoors, place in full shade or semi-shade as exposure to strong direct sunlight will burn the leaves of this plant.

    WATERING: Daily, throughout the year. Do not allow soil to dry out completely between watering events. If growing indoors, ensure that drip trays are emptied regularly.

    FERTILIZING: Our plants are sold in organically enriched, NPK+MagSulf strong, potting mixes that would need no additional soil amendments for at least one year. If re-potting/migrating to a larger container, we recommend the use of Mandy's Farm Foliage Plant Potting Mix or one similar to it.

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