Other Names: White Garland Lily/Mariposa

Scientific Name: Hedychium Coronanarium

Family: Zingiberaceae

Genus: Hedychium

Native: Eastern Himalayas in India, Nepal, China and through Myanmar and Thailand


This lily is the national flower of Cuba and is loved for its strong fragrance reminiscent of jasmine. A perennial-green when grown in warmer climates, its flowers are intricately structured with spaces within. This unusual characteristic of its flowers made it a great tool for espionage with messages being hidden within its petals and sepals, by women carrying communication to fighters for independence against colonial rule. The varieties in stock include White, Variegated, Off white, Clustered White, Orange, Red and Yellow. Please note: The plant on sale may or may not be in bloom at the time of sale, but will bloom in time.


**Sold in a small standing 0.7 liter/4" plastic container.


***All our plants are organically grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides.

Ginger Lily

  • GROWING: Re-pot in a larger container or grow in-ground to increase root and foliage growth. Grow separately as this plant is quite demanding of soil/water resources. Trim off old, drying leaves from time to time and add this as shredded foliage around your plant to increase humus and soil health.

    LIGHT: If growing indoors, place in a bright spot with exposure to ambient light for at least six hours daily. If growing outdoors, place in full shade or semi-shade as exposure to strong direct sunlight will burn the leaves of this plant.

    WATERING: Daily, throughout the year. Do not allow soil to dry out completely between watering events. If growing indoors, ensure that drip trays are emptied regularly.

    FERTILIZING: Our plants are sold in organically enriched, NPK+MagSulf strong, potting mixes that would need no additional soil amendments for at least one year. If re-potting/migrating to a larger container, we recommend the use of Mandy's Farm Foliage Plant Potting Mix or one similar to it.