• Modern, functional design - can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Comes with a built-in water reservoir and feeding pipe
  • Made of high-quality, long-lasting, light-weight plastic
  • Use of soil-less media is recommended when using this container
  • Available in white and green combo colors and in two sizes
  • Special rates for bulk orders over 25 nos. Please send us an inquiry.

Self-Watering Container

  • Planting: Fill central well with soil. Then fit the black water tube into its connector and place the plant into the container. It is preferable to use a soil-less media for self-watering pots.

    Watering: Water from the top, wetting the whole mass of growing media and allowing water to collect in the reservoir below. Repeat this procedure for next 3-4 waterings. If the water comes out discoloured, discard and clean reservoir cup. Subsequently, start watering through the watering tube. This way only clean fresh water will collect in the transparent reservoir cup.