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Scientific Name: Plectranthus Prostratus Gurke

Other  Names: Succulent Swedish Ivy/Tangled Heart Plant

Family: Lamiaceae

Genus: Plectranthus

Native: Tropical South Africa


A cute, pillowy leafed and multi-branched succulent plant that is sun-loving and hardy. Its lime green leaves turn pinkish on their edges when exposed to strong sunlight. Given its amazingly quick growth and vining habit, this plant works beautifully in a hanging basket on a sunny balcony, and is suitable for desert terrariums too.


* All our plants are organically grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides.

***This rate is for a standard 1/2 liter potted starter plant. For larger sizes please visit the plant nursery by Mandy's Farm.

Plectranthus Pillow Plant

  • GROWING: Re-pot in a larger container to increase root and foliage growth.

    LIGHT: Grow outdoors with exposure to direct sunlight for at least six hours daily.

    WATERING: Daily in summer and alternate days during the monsoon. Allow soil to dry out completely between watering events. Never let its roots sit in stagnant water.

    FERTILIZING: Our plants are sold in organically enriched, NPK+MagSulf strong, potting mixes that would need no additional soil amendments for at least one year. If migrating to a larger container, we recommend Mandy's Farm Cactus Potting Mix or one similar to it.

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