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Other Names: Native Ginger

Botanical Name: Alpinia Caerulea

Family: Zingiberaceae

Native: Australia


An understorey plant from the Western Australian rainforest, this stunning plant can be enjoyed as an ornamental and also as an edible - its spicy ginger rhizome, and its blue berries, can both be eaten. While the berries have a pleasant lemony-ginger flavour, the seeds should not be eaten. The long petioles of this plant have a deep red underleaf, and fan out in a large circle around the plant, looking much like a large but short palm. A fully grown plant will grow upto two meters high and just as much wide. This is a shade loving perennial that needs the soil to be kept moist. Container friendly.


*** All our plants are grown organically without the use of any chemical fertlizers, fungicides or pesticides.

Red-Backed Ginger Ornamental

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