Other Names: Variegated Shell Ginger/Indian Shell Flower/Pink Porcelain Lily/Butterfly Ginger/Light Galangal

Botanical Name: Alpinia Zerumbet Variegata

Family: Zingiberaceae

Native: India and East Asia


A rhizomatous evergreen perennial from the ginger family, this stunning plant can be enjoyed as an ornamental and also as an edible - its spicy ginger rhizome can be eaten. The incandescent yellow and while leaves make it beautiful display plant for a garden entrance or in a central container in your balcony. It is known as "Shell Ginger" because its pink flowers resemble sea shells. A fully grown plant will grow upto a foot high and will keep expanding laterally as it shoots out side plants from the parent. This is a semi shade plant that thrives on deep watering. Container friendly.


*Can be grown alongside other plants.

**Sold in a small 1 liter/4.7  plastic container

*** All our plants are grown organically without the use of any chemical fertlizers, fungicides or pesticides.

Variegated Shell Ginger Ornamental


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