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Dial D for Dieffenbachias

And for robust, easy-care, lush indoor plants!

Here's a plant you could not have missed if you walked past any government office in India:

Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow - our sarkari special!

Another that hangs around with government powers-that-be, and also those of corporate India is:

Dieffenbachia Honey Dew - India's favorite office plant!

It's no secret why this species is the most favored by office admin staff - they are simply the easiest to care for, the hardiest and the most drought and neglect resistant plants that ALSO offer up lush foliage and a relatively tall silhouette for good office decor. These qualities come with one major downside though - dieffenbachias have leaves which are highly toxic if ingested - making them dangerous for children, pets, and the odd leaf-munching adult that come their way. So do grow them as houseplants and enjoy their lush foliage, but ensure you place them out of harm's way.

While the rampant pervasiveness of the above two dieffenbachias had somewhat deadened me to their charms, this changed when I met the other varieties. I was stunned at how gloriously lush and varied they could be, and quickly began a collection! Here are the ones I now gladly call my own!

Dieffenbachia Sparkle, Mary, Tropical Tiki and Camille (L to R & Up to Down above)

Possibly the most stunning (IMHO) is this one, which unsurprisingly, is also a collector's plant:

The impossible to ignore Dieffenbachia Reflector

Here's a quick video of some of the Dieffenbachias in my personal collection (including the rare Seguine which is pictured third in the row), taken during a rainy monsoon afternoon in Mumbai.....

Check out my shop for what's in stock with Dieffenbachias here. Remember that they can be mid size and large sized varieties, take precautions where you situate them (away from kids, pets etc) and enjoy the ease of growing one of the world's easiest indoor plants!

(Some of the images in this post are sourced from the Internet. Please contact re objections/credits, thank you!)

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