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Our Plant Nursery Turns ONE!

And what a journey it's been!

There's a time in the life of every plant collector when the collection becomes so overwhelming (and beautiful) that you simply have to share the beauty, open shot and sell off stock :-) That's been the rationale for the most part, and the reason to keep propagating, keep growing and keep buying - MORE PLANTS!

Here's a slideshow of some recent shots of the nursery:

FYI, we're unique for several good reasons because we:

  1. Grow organically

  2. Grow in soil, not cocopeat - healthy, long living, down-to-earth plants here!

  3. Don't fight nature needlessly and instead promote what's happy to grow in Mumbai - think lots of tropical aroids, few dry climate species, fewer succulents...

  4. Are biased towards foliage - an easier choice for low light, typical indoor settings as compared with bright-light dependent flowering plants

  5. Very, very biased towards rare aroids - tropicals that take your breath away!

  6. Won't sell you stuff that won't work in your setting - good, old fashioned advice here :-)

  7. Will price match if you can show us if the same plant/size is cheaper elsewhere!

Come by to buy, talk plants or take a break with us amidst the greenery....

And check out the nursery goddess keeping the torch of growing alive....!

For the full tour of our plant nursery, check out this link to our Insta page:

We also turn ONE this December 2023 and our FIRST ANNIVERSARY PLANT SALE offers a 15% discount on all our plants from now till the 15th of December 2023. Please show your Mandys Farm website membership for this discount We're open 10-1 and 3-6 each day except Mondays. Call at 84220 00065 if you're coming (morning session please) and I'll throw in a free tour of my personal aroid plant collection. This is where we're at:

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