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Philodendron Frenzy

And Why All Attempts at a Cure are Futile

There are few plant species that are as varied in appearance (and certainly none more adored) than the Philodendron! In fact, a defining characteristic that makes a Philo a Philo is the difference in foliage even within a single plant, wherein juvenile leaves can, and will, look completely different from the adult ones.

Philos also vary from monster leafed foliage showstoppers to petite and adorable tabletop plants, from deep forest green foliage to coppery, red or even purplish leaves, from sharply lobed or serrated leaves to smooth curvatures of leaf edge, from gigantic, in-your-face cataphylls to modest and shy ones...I could go on and on about how there's a Philo for everyone but nothing tells their story as well as pictures! So here's a snapshot of some of the variety we have acquired ourselves, and are, of course, totally besotted with, at Mandy's Farm!

Let's start with the smaller, bushier ones that make for great moss pole climbers or hanging baskets..

The common, neon, easy-care Philo Ceylon Gold above - one of my first and most enduring loves!

Sisters-in-Arms: Small leafed Philos Heartleaf Green, Neon, Brasil & Black Gold (L to R above)

On to the mid sized ones, many which are rare, much sought after, and often (drat!) out of stock!...

The oh-so-stunning and very collectible Philos Painted Lady, Birkin & Gloriosum (L to R above)

On a related note, here are two of my personal favorites....

The silvery leafed Philodendron Hastatum ....

...and the hauntingly beautiful Florida Ghost

Another mid-sized Philo we end up selling a lot of, and a Philo I particularly like because of the fresh, minty scent of its leaves, is this one...

The fresh, salad-scented Philo Burle Marx

Down in the garden we keep the monster-leafed Philos, so they can camp in semi-shade and high humdity (which all Philos love) and enjoy space to sprawl and show off their stunning foliage...

Philos Angustilobum and Lacerum in all their large leafy abundance!

Click on the link below to see our monster-leafed Philos enjoying the Mumbai monsoons!

There are several more in our collection that I could not showcase for want of space. I'm always on the hunt for more - so tell me if you have one! Mandy's Farm is also always thrilled to propagate and share with our growing group of plantophiles, so if you wish to book a rare plant, let us know and we'll inform you when we get it. Until then, waste no time, get what's in stock and join the legions of aroid lovers and foliage fanatics by beginning your own Philodendron collection!

(Some of the images in this post are sourced from the Internet. Please contact re objections/credits, thank you!)

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