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Snaking It In Style

How I came to love the unusually beautiful Sansevierias!

Our first attraction with plants is to foliage. All of us have an almost automatic adoration of lush leaves - the bouncier the better, the more patterned the more desired, the more variegated the more sought after. And with the stunning variety of foliage that Nature offers, it's more than enough to keep us happy in our plant hobbies!

At times, however, mad foliage love can breed snobbery of things "non-foliagey". And so was the case with me. Enraptured as I was with lavish aroids, I would look askance at stark sansevierias, and that was as recently as a year ago.

Gimme Foliage or Nothing!

Quite prejudiced, in retrospect :-)

This prejudice got tossed out the window when one of our regular customers requested a particular snake plant. With none in stock, but determined to complete the order, I hunted out the variety she wanted. And, of course, I decided to bring back extras, just in case...

Sansevieria Black Gold - the one that got me hooked!

One thing led to another, as is often the case, and I hunted down some more snake plants to give my pioneer, Ms Black Gold, some company...!

Night Owl, Golden Hahni and Zeylanica Dwarf join in!

Rather impressed, even if grudgingly at first, with the ease of care and no fuss style of these snake plant midgets, I thought I'd get me some tall ones to oversee the class!

New monitors - Zeylanica, Golden Flame & Robusta (swipe to view all)

By now, I was getting sold on the unapologetic artistic form of my smaller Sansevierias and the unabashed sculptural elegance of the tall ones. And then, most unexpectedly, and with no drama at all, these mother plants began to birth the cutest plant babies by their sides.

After that, there was no turning back!

FYI, snake plant propagation is one of the most satisfying types of ornamental plant propagation you will experience - it's easy, it's robust and it's limitless! My early acquisitions have already given me scores of young 'uns that are growing up stark, statuesque and sturdy. I keep hunting down new varieties because, as one would guess, I'm addicted to snake plants now :-)

Here are my most prized:

Top Row L to R: Fischeri, Moonshine and Cylindrica Patula Var. Boncel

Bottom Row L to R: Fernwood Mikado, Cylindrica and Masoniana

For those with busy lifestyles and less than perfect plant maintenance schedules, Sansevierias are the perfect fit. They are drought resistant, can tolerate lower light conditions, thrive on neglect and yet, always manage to look classy, especially in contemporary, minimalist homes and offices.

Ready to stretch your foliage love to these gaunt and sculptural leaves? Get yourself your first snake plant today - you'll definitely be back for more!

(Images in this post are sourced from the Internet. Please contact re objections/credits, thank you!)

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